A collection of web3 games from all over the globe, and with facilities and infrastructures which will allow users and developers to interoperate between these games. A seamless massive data bank of assets where NFTs and items are all moving inbetween games.



Explore a diverse selection of GameFi experiences and immerse yourself in high-quality gaming while earning rewards.


Transform your NFT game assets into a lucrative source of income, or discover exceptional NFT items to enhance your gameplay.


A comprehensive outlet to acquire game items and related, products, including skins, game vouchers, and more, all in one place!


Maximize your token and NFT earnings by participating in staking programs, utilizing your existing tokens, NFTs, and in-game items.

Currency Swap

Effortlessly convert your in-game currency into real-world earnings by swapping it for cash rewards from your gaming activities!

Creo dApps

Empower game developers with cutting-edge tools! Generate smart contracts and tokens for your GameFi projects or kickstart your game fundraising with user-friendly and streamlined processes.